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About Me

I am Abinaya. I enjoyed drawing and painting as a kid and continued doing more artwork. Art, which started as my hobby turned to be my passion. I started passing on the joy of drawing to the younger generation about 5 years ago. I have taught more than 30 students between ages 5 and 12. I love it when my little students come up with some amazing and creative artworks that keep improving every day.


I love to teach kids!

Through my online courses and home tutoring sessions, I'm doing my part in opening the world of art to little kiddos.


Art is my passion!

Art is a very important part of my everday life. Painting, drawing, doodling relaxes the mind and opens up creativity. I love to share my journey with the world through social media.


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I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my courses and home tutoring sessions. Feel free to contact me through email or phone.

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You can find my art @BooBooPaintz at various social media channels. Follow me to get the latest updates.



“ Learning from an artist is inspiring. Booboopaintz was a stroke of luck for my little one. She has a very thorough method for teaching. My 6 year old daughter lookforward to each visit. I would highly recommend this friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher. ”



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